HMC stands for progress and innovation, fuelled by the ambition to grow across a multitude of dimensions, and the responsibility in staying true to our founding traditions of trust and teamwork. This lucidity is held together by the dynamic Orbit of Progress and a solid, grounded yet progressive font that has been painted in a bold red. The colour symbolizes energy and passion, and is the perfect embodiment of our dynamism and forward thinking principles. This colour has also been the prevailing identity across similar group entities for several decades.



The type has an integrated curvature that goes upward and outward. It defines the group’s ambition and foundation in responsible progress. It also denotes multi-dimensional growth. The base of the font is straight, solid and grounded; defined by the disposition of the group, which is ‘moving ahead while still being embedded in the founding traditions of trust and teamwork’.

The colour red is used in the dominant type to imply energy, passion, dynamism and forward thinking principles of the group.
The identity has also been colour dominant across group entities for several decades.


The motif of an orbit is used to depict the several layers of engagement that HMC has with and through its

  • Group Companies
  • Partners and Stakeholders
  • Core Values

The colour blue used in the orbit depicts trust and transparency while the orbits suggest a state of continuous engagement and motion (mobility). An orbit is never static and is always undeviating in its progress. They also indicate the ripple effect created by the group across various industries and spheres. At the same time, it represents outward expansion.

The Orbit of Progress represents our desire to never settle and always evolve to new and greater achievements. It’s ripples are an indication of this desire spreading across the various industries where we have made our mark. It has been painted in a steadfast blue to exemplify our dedication to trust and transparency. It is these core values that the Orbit of Progress stands for, across our several layers of engagement between HMC and its group companies, partners, and stakeholders.