Over 500 pedal for fitness at Hero Cycles’ ‘Cycle Rally’ at India’s Largest Cycle & Fitness Expo

More than 500 men, women and children from all walks of life, united by their love for cycling and fitness, came together to participate in a major Cycle Rally organized by Hero Cycles Ltd. on the occasion of the 7th India International Cycle, Fitness & Outdoor Sports Expo today.

The rally was flagged off by Mr. R. N. Dhoke, IPS Commissioner of Police, and Mr. Pankaj M Munjal, Chairman, Hero Motors Company (HMC), as they cycled with the enthusiastic participants. The event was aimed at promoting the use of the health and environment friendly two-wheelers among city residents.

“The need for adopting fitness regimens and healthy lifestyles has to be underlined and advocated today more than ever before. With lifestyle diseases emerging as a major health concern for India’s population, cycling is a simple yet effective way to keep oneself fit and healthy. I think greater efforts must be made to encourage people to take up cycling as a daily mode of transport. It will not only be a healthy but also an environment friendly choice,” said Mr. Dhoke.

Excitement was palpable among the fitness-loving participants who despite a hot and humid weather took part with full enthusiasm and joy in the rally at Punjab Agricultural University, and covered a distance of 5 km up to the concluding point, the MBD mall.

“I have always found cycling a highly effective workout that strengthens the body while relaxing the mind. For people who find maintaining the rigorous gym regimens difficult, adopting cycling as a mode of transport for small distances is a very healthy alternative. It is imperative to attract the youth towards this mode of transport. At Hero Cycles Ltd., we produce a wide range of cycles to suit the needs of all kinds of users including the fitness enthusiasts. We hope this rally will help encourage city residents to take up cycling more frequently,” said Mr. Munjal.

The Cycle Rally marked the opening of the three-day Expo where participants from across the globe are showcasing the latest in bicycle technology. Mr. Pankaj M. Munjal and Mr. R. N. Dhoke flagged of the cycles’ exhibition at the Expo, where Hero Cycles Ltd. is showcasing its latest range of products as well as technological innovation initiated by its passionate team of designers at the Hero Global Design Centre.
From its mass consumption products, to premium bicycles to fancy two-wheelers that appeal to the young, Hero Cycles Ltd. showcased its impressive portfolio strength to an eager crowd of industry experts, business partners as well as common bicycle users.

One of the market leaders in the premium segment, the FireFox range of bikes attracted much attention among visitors. The Hero Sprint Bike Range that has created a strong base of young users also grabbed eyeballs, apart from the Octane and BSH bike ranges. Hero Cycles Ltd. has always believed in promoting good health and green commute. True to its commitment, the leading bike manufacturer also showcased its well-known HEXI public bike sharing system which advocates bicycle sharing as a means to improve last mile connectivity.
Hero Global Design Centre (HGD), the Manchester-based state-of-the-art facility of Hero Cycles Ltd., also participated under the Hero umbrella and turned out to be a major crowd-puller at the Expo. HGD showcased the cutting edge technological innovations in bicycle design ushered in by its global team of researchers. The high-tech design centre that started operations a year back has brought on-board some of the best international designing brains with an objective of developing next generation bicycle design and technology. The centre is today at the heart of the innovation revolution that is propelling the Indian bicycle giant into the role of a major global force.

Hero Cycles Ltd. to Double Manufacturing Capacity in Sri Lanka

In a major move to consolidate and power its continued surge in the premium and performance bicycle category in India and Europe, Hero Cycles Ltd is sprucing up its manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka.

Acquired over a year ago, this modern state-of-the-art plant has been the iron horse of growth for Hero’s recent and rapid rise in the premium category in India and Europe.
Designed and led by a feisty team, this facility is the manufacturing hub for the world leading range of products which are redefining Hero Cycle Ltd.’s credence and imagery as a world class cycle manufacturer in the domestic and international markets.

The product range developed in Sri Lanka and understandably so is now also being brought into the Indian markets as well which as we all know is going through a transformation of sorts with the awareness and expectation of having a world class range in the plum MTB segment. Leading from the fore is the Sprint Range of Bicycles which has been spearheading the premium, MTB segment numbers in India. The other range which includes the likes of Coyote, Viking, Riddick, Denovo are all very popular and strong brands which are the mainstay of Hero’s recent success in Europe.
What has also proved to be an added advantage is that the market in India primarily in Western and Southern regions are best logistically serviced from Sri Lanka factory, and to add to this Hero’s world class design centre in Manchester, Hero Global Design Centre helps create the world’s best and latest designs, coupled with the best premium components from Spur (In House Hero Brand) creating an ecosystem which continues to fuel and feed both international and domestic demands.

“At Hero Cycle Ltd., we truly believe in unlocking the potential of any business opportunity and the acquisition of BSH has been an ocean of opportunity. With the Indian Market, particularly the South, graduating to higher value vehicles and GSP+ benefit, we expect a substantial demand shift to Sri Lanka. Keeping the perennial demand of both the domestic and international markets, we plan to further strengthen this facility and more than double its output from 250,000 bicycles to 500,000 plus capacity by 2018.”, opined Pankaj M Munjal – Chairman, Hero Motors Company (HMC).

Interestingly, Hero Cycles Ltd. has been aggressively driving growth by clocking a robust 23% growth in the Indian market. Hero Cycles Ltd had posted turnover of Rs 3000 crores during the financial year 2016-17 with a production of 5.5 million cycles. With its entry in the European market and acquisition of Firefox in India and Avocet Sports in UK, Hero Cycles Ltd. aims to grow toRs 8000 crore by 2020. BSH too is keeping up the pace, by growing 60% YOY. The projection for the coming year is a 100% increase.